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Cint, 14 February 2012
France France , Santenay

The winter holiday season

We have enjoyed Christmas day and New Years Eve in France. The whole family, now consisting 5 persons in 3 generations, was gathered in Santenay. We had the opportunity to get more into our new role as Grandparents and we both liked it.
We were left on our own in the last two days of our break. For New Years Eve we went together to Dijon and had a wonderful 9 courses Rveillon diner at Stephan Debord. We had booked a room at Hotel Wilson that appeared to be in the same complex. After a good morning breakfast we went back home.
My first business trip of 2012 was in January to the London office. It was a short trip to catch up with Nigel, some clients and URS, one of our business partners.
We have decided to make The Chamberlain our corporate hotel, convenient and not over expensive. It is located near the City and has that good English character. By accident I stayed this time at the Novotel not bad but over expensive for the services delivered. As the Spittalfield area is on walking distance Nigel and I took a table at St. Johns' to have diner. Thanks to Jenny, Lieke and I visited this great restaurant last December. At St. Johns you eat fresh local foot in small portions and you can share the dishes. It is quite healthy and they have a great selection of wines. Perhaps I ordered too much but we really enjoyed the British 'tapa's'.
The location of London City Airport is perfect for my monthly travels to the UK office. With the DLR I can go directly to Bank and our gathering point at the Eight Club is on walking distance. It is a pity how a nice little airport has been transformed by the neurotic security disease. They have invested a fortune in a total automated system for the check. For decades the air travel industry did not manage to get rid of the drug smuggle but they still want to create the illusion that it is all done for our safety and not for the security industry. I would have liked if London City Airport would have invested the money in an up to date Wi-Fi system. They have one but it is almost impossible to access.

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Nice walks with the family in Santenay
Nice walks with the family in Santenay
Eating at home in Santenay
Eating at home in Santenay

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