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Cint, 1 November 2010
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An easy weekend

The days in Shanghai had been quite packed. I had to sign all kind of papers and visited some of our relations. In the office I discussed the future steps and met with Oracle Bay. December the month for gifts is coming so in the evening my shopping guide helped me to find a few. Some will come next trip, half way December. Friday I had to leave early so I could meet up with Marco on Hongkong airport.

But Friday had appeared to be dull. After my delayed arrival from Shanghai I just mist Marco, he was also on the airport but on the wrong side of the border. In Hongkong John and Jacques just left and Matthew had the flu. On Saturday all went better; Matthew had a little recovered from is flu so we met and made plans and the famous ‘To Do’ list. He knew an interesting person for leading our JV and I could meet him that same afternoon in an open-air lounge bar at the IFC building.

On Saturday I also found time to buy an outfit for Halloween. David had invited me to join the Halloween party in Cinta-J on Saturday. I had a vague remembrance of what happened last time I spend the weekend in Hongkong and had some drinks with David. But who can resist a maiden Halloween party; not me. I liked it; happy people dancing on good life music what else do you want. I drunk some more water than last time and understood that in this party town the streets are packed all night long.

In Hongkong you can see how strange the Western discussion on the ‘New Working’ actually is. Meetings are in the evening, Saturday, Sunday. You can go to a dentist at Sunday evening and so on. Meantime on moments as Halloween or the Sevens they also can party. It is clearly not about right or wrong. Western people thought they could work for less than thirty year of their life and become 90 of age without any worry. Cheap labor elsewhere in the world would make the goods to consume. Now the ‘cheap laborers’ are consuming those goods themselves and yes the (rare) resources are becoming expensive. The Asian development is speeding up as the West was falling down; the distribution of wealth in the world is changing drastically but not many Western people are aware. The Financial Times wrote this weekend about a new book of Gideon Rachman: Zero Sum World. He is summing up what is happening. The FT loved the book; accept his conclusions which seemed to be somewhat to optimistic to connect to the message brought. I will buy it although perhaps I better can distribute it to Western politicians and their voters. But I should read it first before I try to do a missionary job.

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