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Cint, 29 July 2011
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Hong Kong Fashion

It has been only last year that I was looking at those Western male tourists in shorts cruising in the Asian cities. I thought ‘real men don’t’. But this year it is all different. The young dynamic locals wear shorts and flip-flops. I’ve adapted and have a short for the weekend but it still feels strange walking on the street this way in business hours.

Another surprising fashion item is the spectacles without real glasses. Just the frame is worn because they like the looks. Good for all the trendy brands but I did laser my eyes some years ago to get rid of my glasses so it still looks odd to me.

Patrick and I had a real loaded program. The weekend it went along with food and drinks but still there was a lot to do. It is clear we are not in a period to stick to a forty hours working week. The result is coming and we had the first reasons for a small party!

This weekend Patrick could work on his handicap on the golf course and I could leave the Hong Kong stress for Lama. The music of the Hurts album Happiness was on my new HTC Flyer when I went on the ferry. I get my music now from the internet site ‘Spotify’. It gives me access to most music in the world. I can put it on my Pad and other devices without paying more than a € 10, = monthly fee or a need to connect to the web again.

At Nan it was a great BBQ as ever. Friends and family had joined and we just could get the last ferry back. Sunday Matthew gave me a déjà vu but compensated that in a generous way and after two month I finally could catch up again with David. Our meal at Cinta J was good, the atmosphere even better. When Jovit Baldivino, 17 years old, entered the restaurant all ladies got crazy and wanted on the photo with him and even the (real?) man. He had won the Philippine got Talent and promised to sing after the public would allow him to eat. It is clear visions develop in Asian and I have to keep up pace otherwise I loss contact in this leading part of the world.

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Jovit Baldivino
Jovit Baldivino

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26 August 2011

haha~your blog is very interesting~! Spectacles without real glasses, I am confuse with that too.


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