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Cint, 19 April 2011
Hong Kong Hong Kong , lama 29°

Lama Island

I left Shanghai with the new book of Bert van Dijk in my hand luggage. I will need another flight to finish it but I can already tell it is a perfect documentary of the water crisis in China. The book is called Along the Yellow River. Bert is a Dutch journalist living in China and capable to write without preaching. Due to my trip to Hangzhou I had missed his Shanghai book presentation but I was in time for the after party in the Abbey Road bar. Bert hopes he gets the English version on the market soon. Frans made the pictures, which are really beautiful.

I arrived in my Hongkong hotel late on Thursday eve. It was great to sit downstairs at the Canny Man Bar with my laptop, a plain burger with some salad and a good glass of wine. They have a perfect operating Wifi in the Guangdong Hotel so I could catch up on the web. Thinks keep on changing for my business. Next time I will have an operating MD in Hongkong. The people of my business partner do a wonderful job in helping me out servicing the clients but it is sure that business takes off as Patrick is in charge.

It was good to be in the office again on Friday. I had a dumpling lunch with Stephen and we talked about life, business and the study of his son at Cass University. In the early evening I had a drink and a bite with Jing Sun. She had been in our office during her study at Erasmus University. She helped us with a survey on actuaries in China, so she was pleased to hear it was still in progress. She is now working for Metro, the Swedish publisher and had just moved to Hongkong. The rest of the evening I spent with Matthew and friends. We talked about business and the search for good rsums. It was a great night to hang out at a bar in the open air, the clock ticked faster then I thought.

On Saturday I had a BBQ at Nan on Lama Island. I heart positive stories about the beauty of the island and had actually planned to do some sightseeing. But that was before my Friday night hang around so I skipped the sightseeing and was just in time for the late afternoon BBQ. Nan picked me up at the harbor and brought me to his home. Perfectly situated on the hill and we took the time to discuss the turbulent times in the market and the future of our businesses. The weather was still great, Nans maid took care for the preparation of excellent food and Nan selected the wine. Some friends from around the village shared the BBQ and with more stories, some opera, new and old songs in the open air I felt sorry to leave for the last boat back to Hongkong.

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20 April 2011

leuke blog, ben benieuwd naar de andere foto's. Tot morgen


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