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Cint, 8 November 2011
Hong Kong Hong Kong , Hong Kong 24°

October Beer Fest in Hong Kong

In between two reinsurance conferences my trip brought me next to Hong Kong. I had a late arrival and only this evening to catch up with Patrick, our local MD. The next day he had to join one of our clients for their yearly gathering, this year in Thailand.

There is no better place than Thailand to plan your yearly gathering in the (re-)insurance business. On the reinsurance conference, SIRC, people tried to avoid the subject to keep up the good mood. Few people realize that it looks like the damage/losses of floods in Thailand now going to exceed the losses due to the Earthquake/Tsunami/ Nuclear Power Station problems in Japan.

Patrick was invited to give a half day presentation on Enterprise Risk Management and Rating. How up to date can you be? The last weeks the preparation had taken a significant part of his time and the result was according. We could discuss some ongoing subjects but Patrick had to leave early to be in time the next morning.

Without the MD in town I had to concentrate on some other elements in our regional business development. With Matthew I went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We had a good discussion about our business concept and the way we could cooperate. It looks like a next positive step in the growing of our company. I had also a meeting with some people from AbnAmro in their brand new accommodation in the ICC on The Kowloon side. We talked about their developments in the region and the way we could contribute. Next I would meet with Nan I went back to the hotel to redress. He had announced that we would go to a party and I was happy to find out that I had to go back to the Kowloon side again. This time I took the ferry and arrived in hotel Marco Polo for what appeared to be a copy of a German October Beer Fest. The Chinese loved it with all the food, dancing and singing. I was amused but took the opportunity to join Nan as he left early.

Walking from the ferry to my hotel I came across Mathew and some others from the finance industry. It became a late evening, not exactly according to plan.

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Numbers of people
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I was amused
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Preparing for the next party

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