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Cint, 28 December 2011
Hong Kong Hong Kong , kowloon 22°

Shanghai and Hong Kong 2011

This trip had been my last Asia trip for 2011, Shanghai and Hong Kong in a week. In Shanghai Matthew joined me. The city of Shanghai is planning to be the biggest financial hub in the world in 2020. This means they need to recruit many capable people so he's planning to open an office here. We spoke with Han, had a diner with him and his wife and I showed Matthew around town. He had not been in Shanghai the last 3 years so he had missed some developments. I sat with Valourie, our new MD, and we had a drink with Cindy to ask if she wanted a job in Hong Kong.
These days we had the biggest news in Hong Kong. Finally URS had signed their contract and now we are going to deliver services they have included in their deal. The last days before the signing were hectic but Patrick knew how to lead the process. We have recruited two employees for the actuarial support and we are looking for a third. It is clear; Hong Kong is up and running.
For the first time I had taken a hotel on the Kowloon part of Hong Kong. I wanted to use the points of the Starwood hotel chain and took a room in the Sheraton. This was clearly another Sheraton than the one I had last time in Chongqing. It was old fashion and had a very slow Wi-Fi. Still the Wi-Fi was not for free Most of the time I was busy on the Hong Kong Island side of town. So actually I did not see that much of the Kowloon side to compare the two pars of Hong Kong.
Normally there is not that much to do the last days for Christmas but with the new contract in place it became very busy. In the morning I walked to the ferry went to Central and walked via IFC to our office in the Center. On my way I passed the various Christmas decorations; Hong Kong is now in full Christmas outlook. Many buildings are decorated and beautiful lightened. The shopping sphere was great. Going back on the ferry in the dark I enjoyed the lights. I managed to do some shopping myself and bought presents. On the late flight I went home to Europe on Wednesday eve. I will be back in February after Chinese new-year.

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Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration
With Han and Matthew in Shanghai
With Han and Matthew in Shanghai
On the ferry
On the ferry

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Philippine workers on the Sunday
Philippine workers on the Sunday
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Christmis in great weather


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