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Cint, 18 February 2012
Hong Kong Hong Kong , hong 16°

Year of the Dragon

My first Asia trip in 2012 started in Shanghai. It is February, just after the Chinese New Year. The Dragon Year will bring prosperity and success. So we believe it. Melissa has moved back to Belgium her last project, the new website, is just launched Jiming now runs the Shanghai office. She had two weeks to take over from Melissa and is now on her own with her staff. The background in Executive Search will be of great help and shell get the details of our market, the finance industry. Also Patrick will support her from Hong Kong.
Two hours after I had arrived we started with the interviews for selecting a new sales manager. Jiming had selected two candidates with good potential. We have chosen for Ken. Ken has already started and we wish him all success.
Jiming and I took the time to discuss our market end on Thursday and Friday we went to clients and prospects. It was great to catch up with John again; it had been some times since we last had spoken. Also we renewed the contact with our landlord, Oracle Bay. It is still a search for the right areas to work together.
In Hong Kong it was also busy. First I could catch up with Matthew and after I went to the Hyatt to meet with David. Perhaps it was not that clever to go back to Matthew and have another drink and stay a little late with his friends but it seems I did. Back in the hotel I missed my Tablet and European phone, typically a hard lesson. Normally I leave the Tablet in the room safe but clearly I had not done this time.
I field stupid the next day and had to go to the police to report the stuff missing. On my way I took a small detour for some juice and coffee and met Frank who just got coffee and was back home from KL for the weekend. After a chat he had to bring the, still hot, coffee home and I got my drinks and there I saw Patrick who had just landed from his New Zeeland holiday. This was a great opportunity to catch up and arranging the diary for the days to come.
I had planned to take the 5 pm ferry to Lama and had just enough time to buy a good bottle of Burgundy for Nan, my host for another wonderful BBQ. I knew many of the people gathered around the food and listened to the stories.
Our business in Hong Kong is at this moment focused on the deal with Taiping Re. It is a challenging situation now we are still waiting for a new URS actuary based in HK but Britt and Tina are doing great. URS had flown in another David, an actuary from Madrid and it was nice to meet him. Patrick and I took the time to visit some of our relations and I signed some papers.
I was going to leave in the early Tuesday evening but first I got a real sight on Hong Kong Valentine day. I saw that the flower man and ladies were busy everywhere. Under the HSBC a delivery boy had put his bunches of flowers and every one came running to get the ordered special prepared flowers. Also inside the building the delivery of flowers by smiling servants from other flower shops was great to watch. After 10 am I came across the running deliveries for those who had forgotten to order in time. I was told that that evening restaurants were already sold out for months for prices up to 5 times the normal.

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Jiming in the office
Jiming in the office
The Hong Kong team
The Hong Kong team
February 14th
February 14th

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