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Hong Kong A sunny Christmas in Hong Kong

Philippine workers on the Sunday
Some think it is cold
Christmis in great weather
Decorations in the Mall 1
Decorations in the Mall 2

China Another hotel in Shanghai

View on Pudong
Nice view from the terrace
A real High Speed train

United Kingdom Party in London

Pause! it is
The Bar

Monaco A Tesla drive

SCOR Lounge
SwissRe Lounge
Nigel and the Tesla
Not that busy

United Kingdom The Olympics in London

Nice people to help you
If you did not know
Follow the pink signs

China New offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai

Impressive view from the new Hong Kong office
The new Shanghai office
Still empty thx to the landlord in HK...
Entrance of the Shanghai office
On the right the new office building
Arriving on Nanjing Station
Nice relic

Thailand Bangkok in the rain

The pool
Nice fruit
Small enterprise
The Network
The bus

France Again I知 on the seashore of the Atlantic

Pomies Agassac
But no airco
The hospitality of Chateau Dalem
A beautiful town center

Brazil Lapa and Santa Teresa

No tram today
Nice graffiti
Renovating the area
Tram station in Santa Teresa

Brazil IIS 2012

The symbol of Rio
Up to the Sugar Loaf
Great view over Rio during the opening ceremony
Wonderful show at the Award ceremony
Perfect presentation

Brazil What about the safety in Rio?

Well-guarded appartments
Adapted security at Lagoa
Few can live the healthy life
Body culture

Brazil My first visit to Latin America

Early, jetlag morning at the Copacabana
A nice breakfast at the Sofitel
The other side of the Center
Watching people from the terrace

China The Big Easy of China

The Wenshu Temple
Head massage
Ear cleaning

China What about Hong Kong and Shanghai

And that will become number 3
Window shopping in Hong Kong
Evening view on Pudong from the old lighthouse in

Singapore Shop till you drop

Food court with Marco and Ariane
Light show at Sands
Back in London? But no Eight Club...

China From Beijing to Shanghai by train

From the train 1
From the train 2
From the train 3
From the train 4

China Shanghai in March

Barbarossa in March
Visiting clients

Philippines The Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Nice invitation

United Kingdom Spring in London

People in the park
Casa Blue

India An extra day in Mumbai

Near the hotel pool
Dhabi Ghat
Natraj Shiva; the king of dancers
Mukesh Ambani House
Gateway Of India

Singapore CEO conference Singapore 2012

On my way to see Marco
The theater entrance when I came back

Hong Kong Year of the Dragon

Jiming in the office
The Hong Kong team
February 14th

France The winter holiday season

Nice walks with the family in Santenay
Eating at home in Santenay

Hong Kong Shanghai and Hong Kong 2011

Christmas decoration
With Han and Matthew in Shanghai
On the ferry

United Kingdom Celebrating a good year in the UK

Busy days
Simon and Nigel at Christmas drinks
The show!
A great designer on Spittalfield market

China Chongqing or just CQ

Presentation on conference by our business partner
Some prefere old fashion
The fountain in the middle
The hotel
Part of the huge skyline

Hong Kong October Beer Fest in Hong Kong

Numbers of people
I was amused
Preparing for the next party

Singapore SIRC 2011

The hotel lounge
Night show from AON Benfield
Swimming on the 57th floor
Nice view from the swimming pool

Hong Kong An easy T8 day in Hong Kong

Empty streets
The only damage of the day

Monaco Three days in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo in the morning sun
55 Years RVS
A good celebration
Signing the MoU

France Santenay, Aix, Fleury, Dijon and Reims.

Terrace in Aix
The happy couple
The train to Dijon
Great food

Hong Kong Hong Kong Fashion

Jovit Baldivino

China The Cool Docks

Cool Docks 1
Cool Docks 2
Cool Docks 3
The Bund

United Kingdom London in July

Summer party 1
Summer party 2

Singapore Clarke Quay

View from the hotel room
The Quay

Hong Kong Not just Hong Kong

Sign at the office
Waiting for a seat at Nha Trang
Gallery with paintings of Le Thong
On my way to Lama

China July 1st

Still cloudy
Bar in the Waldorff
Warning in the hotel room
Hendricus Sneeveld
July 1st 1921

Hong Kong Dynamics in Hong Kong

The conference
Red on top of the IFC
Pamela is back again

China Free Wifi

Melissa became our MD in Shanghai
The best Italian Restaurant in town

France To Santenay via Nancy

Terraces on Place Stanislaus
Quiche Lorraine for lunch
Pierre & Jean

Singapore I ended my trip in Singapore again.

Back in Singapore
Nice sub-tropic nature

Hong Kong Lama Island

BBQ at Nan

China Beijing Limra Loma conference 2011

The highest building and CCTV
The conference
Beijing Opera

China New inspiration!

Saturday in the Parc
Peking Duck

Hong Kong Hongkong stories

The office building
The entrance
Sometimes it looks complicated

France European history

Old industry
Le France
Happy New Year

China A fast trip to Nanjing

Washing the train
Nanjing University
Entrance to the Park

China The new address at Oracle Bay

A nice window view
The High Speed Train

United Kingdom The City of London

Nice to be together
Being successful after TP

China And again Shanghai has changed

The band 1
The band 2
The band 3

China And after the conference there is Mission Hills!

The caddies are waiting
Our course
Not always easy
Sometimes even with danger
Nice views
Playing golf in the dark

Hong Kong A quick visit to Hongkong and Shenzhen

The conference

China Our office in Oracle Bay

The office
New taxi
Nice airport
Nice view

Hong Kong Drinking coffee in Hongkong

Hongkong  trafic
Hongkong keeps growing

France What about Santenay this year

Getting the new windows
Helping my brother

Vietnam Three days in the world of Microinsurance

David opens the conference
Prof. Dror
Asian Insurance Review

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Philippine workers on the Sunday
Philippine workers on the Sunday
Some think it is cold
Some think it is cold
Christmis in great weather
Christmis in great weather


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